Leadership and Development for Coaches

Summer League Development

Summer leagues just got a lot more impactful! This 60-day self-guided curriculum tailored to improve the self-identity and social skills of student-athletes from the palm of their hand.Hosted on traininggroud.app

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Student-Athlete Development 101 - Workshop Series

We've teamed up with Mental Game Toughness Coach, Gladine Frasso, to help student-athletes who struggle to define their vision, cannot identify what truly motivates them, and find it challenging to maintain confidence when faced with adversity.

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Dear Student-Athlete, Who Are You?

A Self-Reflection Journal

Journaling is proven to heighten academic performance, increase self-confidence, and boost emotional intelligence. Core values, mental health, education, long-term goals, and more are covered through guided questions specifically designed to reflect the modern-day student-athlete.

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Confidence Building for the Female Student-Athlete

This 3-Month curriculum is shifting the way we approach the female identity crises through personal development training. We assist female athletes by providing actionable steps and developing critical skills to increase confidence and promote a new level of self-care.

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Student-Athlete Opportunities

  • Campus Ambassadors

    Our Conscious Ambassadors help rally the community to advocate for the mental health of student-athletes through various campaigns.

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  • Student-Athlete Virtual Internships

    Providing student-athletes with the experience to help build their skills and resume by delivering flexible, manageable internship opportunities.

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