The Foundation | 90-Day Prep

This transformation begins with a 90-day curriculum tackling the ongoing identity crises amongst student-athletes. First, athletes will start from ground zero and identify where they are now and how far they believe they can go. Then, they'll begin building their solid foundation with the training of crucial life skills. Finally, we'll tie it all together! Athletes walk away with the understanding that practicing personal development skills daily and pairing them with constant self-reflection will help them become better people.

90-Day Prep

Curriculum Overview


This course tackles the ongoing identity crisis amongst student-athletes by helping them take an internal look and answering questions, such as: how they view themselves, what are their motivations, how their environment can have a significant impact on their actions and decisions, and how far do they believe they can go. When athletes understand themselves as individuals, they are more apparent in their roles when in a team environment.


This course is a continuation of tackling the ongoing identity crises amongst student-athletes. Athletes will take what they've learned in course one and begin to build a strong foundation with crucial life skills. Lessons highlight avoiding unwanted consequences with self-awareness, aligning themselves with core values, developing a healthy set of daily habits, and building confidence with self-talk. They'll understand where they are now and how the skills learned in this course will help them pivot to become better athletes, teammates, students, and overall people.


This course tackles student-athletes concerns with task overload. Athletes will learn critical aspects of self-management that will assist them when facing adversity and remaining disciplined to meet individual and team goals. In addition, athletes will walk away with customized questions that prompt open and honest moments of self-reflection. They'll see firsthand how their actions and decisions impact them and those around them and how others can positively or negatively impact their future.

  • Week One

    Performance Expectations : Assess the roles individuals play in one's life and identify a healthy support system


    Concepts : How environment (family, friends, etc.) can impact daily actions and decisions


    Skills : Recognize the red flags in relationships preventing forward movement

  • Week Two

    Performance Expectations : Identify goals and create action steps


    Concepts : Create SMART goals and ways to improve self-belief to overcome obstacles


    Skills : Break down big goals into milestones and create actionable steps to achieve them

  • Week Three

    Performance Expectations : Increase self-belief to accomplish SMART goals


    Concepts : Identify motivation triggers and become knowledgeable about the components of motivation


    Skills : Establish motivation triggers

  • Week Four

    Performance Expectations : Analyze factors that influence view of oneself and their impact on life after sports


    Concepts : Identify personal character likes/dislikes that make them unique and assist in choosing interests that align with them


    Skills : Differentiate what they do from who they are

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