• Mission

    Tackling mental health stigmas by bridging the gap between personal development and athletics for high school and college student-athletes.

  • Vision

    To have student-athlete personal development be a required part of the structure of organized sports.

Training Center

Customized student-athlete personal development resources for coaches and athletic programs

Summer League Personal Development Prep

Summer leagues just got a lot more impactful! This 60-day self-guided curriculum tailored to improve the self-identity and social skills of student-athletes from the palm of their hand. Hosted on traininggroud.app

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  • Student-Athlete Mental & Emotional Development Prep

    Individual development of student-athletes help propel program success! This 3-Month curriculum is tailored to tackle on the on-going student-athlete identity crises by helping athletes uncover where they come from and how to use skills learned in sport to help them reach long-term goals.

    Hosted on traininggroud.app

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  • Development Workshop Series 101

    We've teamed up with Mental Game Toughness Coach Gladine Frasso to help student-athletes who struggle to define their vision, cannot identify what truly motivates them, and find it challenging to maintain confidence when faced with adversity.

    Hosted on Zoom

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What's Happening Now?

Check out how we're currently changing the narrative for student-athletes

  • Upcoming Campaign

    "Dear Conscious Athlete" is a mental health campaign launching May 22' geared towards tackling student-athletes stigmas through virtual messages.

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  • Campus Ambassadors

    Our Conscious Ambassadors help rally the community to advocate for the mental health of student-athletes through various campaigns.

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  • Student-Athlete Virtual Internships

    Providing student-athletes with the experience to help build their skills and resume by delivering flexible, manageable internship opportunities.

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The Coaches' Hub

A central place for insightful articles, relatable podcast episodes, and resources to tap into while building an elite athletic program

A Wake Up Call For Athletic Programs

With new and accessible resources to develop student-athletes' well-being, it proves having a personal development strategy can be flexible, impactful, and life-changing for the student-athletes who come through an athletic program.

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  • From Major League to Motivational Coach w/ CJ Beatty

    CJ takes us back to his upbringing and how parents, coaches, and himself all played crucial roles in his success as a MLB player, as a coach, and as a person.

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  • 4-Point Well-Being Checklist for Coaches

    While stretching time thin to manage work and professional life, some coaches may experience a tug on their mental well-being. Do coaches also sacrifice their "me" time? The time they sit, reflect and take a deep breath from the responsibilities.

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